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Our Mission

Goals of the NEW Designing Minds Blog  powered by Goosie Girl (and friends):

 1. To move relevant information to, and produce original content for the custom boutique/handmade and related niche small business community. Our site will showcase community members through engaging feature stories, and interviews about their products and businesses.  (Even though we have an emphasis on sewing, crafting, DIY, and other related topics~ most of the concepts in the articles we write could be applied to many other micro and other similar modeled small businesses.) We believe entrepreneur-led small businesses are the lifeblood of the  economy, and we desire to support these entrepreneurs in every way we can.

2. We wish to provide a centralized location for all members of our community. We will provide a venue to meet the renewed sense of need for a consolidated gathering place for members of our community as in the "old school" boutique days.The site will provide an open channel through which authors and readers alike both provide raw and honest communication with willingness and courage to humbly listen to feedback (via comments) and in turn, learn from each other~where readers have an opportunity to dialog back and forth with each other and exchange ideas as well.

3. We will strive to intelligently address relevant business topics without favoritism or bias; achieving this by blogging with professionalism, using trusted and reliable sources and journalistic integrity~In addition we will strive to educate, provide inspiration and encouragement through newsworthy stories as they relate to the custom boutique/handmade and related niche small businesses~from both the buying and  selling perspectives. 

 4.We will provide an attractive and high traffic venue for our sponsors and advertisers. We will showcase their products and services using an integrated and diverse marketing approach across the world wide web with the aim of helping achieve visibility,drive traffic, increase product and brand awareness for our advertisers and sponsors.

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